The Bio Based Innovation Expo Programme - July 5th
The Role of the Bioeconomy within the Circular Economy

09.50-10.10 The Role of the Bioeconomy within the Circular Economy

In the world of sustainable manufacturing, is there a place for a circular bio-economy, and what does this actually mean? Resource efficiency, maximising natural capital, the bio-economy and the circular economy: a multitude of terms all with a similar aim; to create the business case for protecting our environmental resources.

10.10 - 11.00 Brexit: How will it impact the development of environmental legislation?

  • Refine your pitch and increase competitiveness when bidding for less available research funding by demonstrating the commercial aspects of your innovations
  • Discover new partners to fill the knowledge and commercial gaps between technological innovation and market demand

11.00 - 11.45 Food Waste: Are systems and processes in place to effectively manage green waste?

  • Is ISO 14001 meeting the needs for food waste recycling and what more can be done to improve the way we manage this waste?
  • Can mandatory separate domestic food waste collections boost the bio-economy?
  • How has the shift from GRI G4 to the new Global Reporting Initiative standards changed corporate sustainability reporting on food waste collection and management?
  • Mapping food waste streams and identify areas for remanufacturing

11.45-12.40 Policy & Regulation panel discussion

  • Incentivising bio-innovation
  • What funding, finance and infrastructure support is likely to develop?
  • Encouraging innovation through tax incentives and reliefs
  • The UK Bioeconomy – evidencing the bioeconomy strategy


Five leading bio-innovators will present their products and innovations, taking the audience through the process of research, development and production, and showcasing the importance of bio sector to the circular economy.

15.00 - 15.45 Innovation: Building an economic case and how Brexit will affect the development of new technologies within the bio sector

  • Keeping product development as a key priority for the bio-tech sector
  • Sourcing funding for bio-innovation: What will R&D funding look like post-2019?
  • Solving specific problems, that customers are willing to invest in – the shift from ‘product focused’ to ‘solutions focused’ innovations
  • Overcoming barriers to making revenue from waste product
  • Demonstrating the commercial aspects of your innovations
  • Identifying the best routes to market that provide the highest returns

15.45 - 16.00 Finding the ‘Holy Grail’: converting food waste into revenue streams

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