Adrian Higson, NNFCC

Lead Consultatnt for Bio-based Products
Brexit: How will it impact the development of environmental legislation?

Adrian Higson, Lead Consultant for Bio-based Products, NNFCC

Adrian Higson is NNFCC’s Lead Consultant for Bio-based products. He has over 16 years’ research and consulting experience within the chemical and bio-based products industry. Adrian takes a particular interest in biorefining, industrial biotechnology and innovation strategy within the bioeconomy.

At NNFCC, Adrian has undertaken projects for developers and business investors, performing project feasibility assessments including market analysis and sustainability appraisal. He has undertaken numerous strategic studies for public bodies covering the potential for and barriers to innovation in the bioeconomy.

Adrian is the coordinator of the UK Industrial Biotechnology Catalyst programme and a member of the European Commission Expert Group for Bio-Based Products.

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