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Consumer demand for plastic free oceans, regulatory pressure on a global scale and consistent research & development of innovative products are contributing factors towards estimates that the Bio-economy is going to explode in the future.

The industry needs to know what steps can be taken in regulation, lobbying, infrastructure, product development to be in the best position to maximise impact when this industry booms.

  • Capitalising on the consistent cost of biological materials growing and producing manufacturing materials locally makes business sense. What gains can be made from sourcing locally in freight cost reduction, which regions and products have the most potential to benefit from growing demand
  • Changing consumer behaviour from end-user demand to customer culture. There are some big companies dipping their toe in biological packaging or products, mainly through consumer pressure, but how do we go from token gestures to systemic overhaul of materials used in their supply chains
  • Are compostable plastic bags the next big step in the circular economy? Compostable bags used to enhance food waste collections or as carrier bags, provide biopolymer producers with critical market volumes to allow investment in new products. How can we learn from examples where this is happening?
  • What complementary industries do bio based products need to support to generate new markets in the future. The success of the anaerobic digestion (AD) industry can greatly improve demand for compostable food waste bags, but what other options are there for market generation, and what can we do as an industry to support the prosperity of complimentary sectors?


Building demand for sustainable biological alternatives to plastics requires bio based products to be the most competitive products on the market. This theme will move away from reliance on green credentials to increase demand, but look at ways to make products that are higher quality, perform better and are the best economic solution.

  • Academic collaboration: Making the most out of our research. Explore the need for research clusters and hear case studies from IBioIC about how financing policies have stimulated demand in Scotland
  • Why we need a dialogue between polymer producers and users. Explore the markets for new products such as surfactants, lubricants, textiles, insulators, coatings, chemicals, cosmetics, which are being driven by innovation in bio-based chemistry.
  • How can the bio economy compete with fossil fuel based alternatives. What properties are manufacturers looking for from products today, what will be their needs in the future and have a serious discussion about the advantages and limitations of bio-based products in comparison to their fossil fuel competitors
  • Is there a need for more private sector investment into bio based R&D. Hear from mainstream asset managers, socially responsible investors and company venture capitalists to hear an investors perspective on what companies need to demonstrate to stimulate private investment in addition to public grants


On an international stage, ad-hoc regulations are being implemented throughout Europe and beyond, additionally, to stimulate large-scale growth in the bio-economy, regulatory and incentive support is essential from government. This theme will look at regulatory changes that need to take place, provide an overview of upcoming or recent policy changes and discuss the benefits that the bio-economy can provide the public sector and wider society.

  • Improving demand from the public sector. 43.4% of all European Union spending was allocated to sustainable growth and many countries are putting policies in place, but how would the UK benefit from ‘US style BioPreferred’ procurement initiatives
  • How does the European Commission Bio-economy Strategy impact future market demand. Hear the outcomes from the European Commissions Bio-economy strategy updates, which after 5 years has been renewed
  • Stay up to date with the outcomes of the government’s bio-economy consultation and the green paper on the governments industrial strategy

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